We can’t express our gratitude enough to these sponsors that support our mission and our communities!

Trademark Vacations
Custom European Vacations!
Expert European travelers specializing in custom European vacations. Our experts travel Europe finding the best cities, hotels, activities, and tours to design special and amazing vacations. Our vacation packages include airfare, hotels, transportation, and fun local guides – everything you need to make travel easy and exciting.
Choose from our collection of packages or contact us to create your custom dream vacations. Go Somewhere Amazing!
Trademark Vacations-FacebookInstagram @tradmarkvacationsTwitter @TM_Vacations+1 866 932 1995

Crescent City Tap
Just 6 miles or 9 minutes from Bishop Hill!
Saving a local historic building that, in 1870 was rebuilt (after a 3rd fire)… the building housed many families and businesses including, the first Galva Post Office, the working office of Olaf Krans a local artisan, a fancy hat factory, a grocery store, a furniture store, a local medical clinic and other businesses. Much of the original tin ceiling, plaster and other features still can be seen in this local historic landmark. Today, “CCT” brings a little taste/flair from New Orleans with a wide selection of beer and liquors and an onsite restaurant serving pub fair with sandwiches, pizza, wings and unique specials.

Crescent City Tap-Facebook
336 Front St.
Galva, IL

Vintage Radio – 107.7 WQUD-FM
Local, homegrown goodness for the Quad Cities and surrounding communities. We give our listeners a handcrafted playlist; Unlike most stations, our music is picked by live DJ’s, M-F 6 am to 11 pm, and weekends too! From Johnny Cash to the Rolling Stones; from Willie Nelson to The Beatles; From Dolly Parton to ZZ Top; and from Janis Joplin to Hank Williams. Music from the 60s to the 70s to the 80s to the 90s to now! Did you know our online streaming listeners span the globe from England, India, San Francisco to Washington, DC? WQUD, 107.7 FM, in Erie, Illinois, is Vintage Radio! This station plays a mix of oldies, classic country, & more from the heart of Northwestern Illinois.

WQUD 107.7 Vintage Radio website (Stream LIVE)www.wqudfm.com
Download these apps…WQUD-FM on Google Play StoremyTuner Radio on Apple Store
WQUD 107.7 Vintage Radio
The Mojo Request Show – WQUD 107.7 Vintage Radio
Local Country Show – WQUD 107.7 Vintage Radio
The Homegrown Rock Show – WQUD 107.7 Vintage Radio
WQUD “Outlaws, Rebels, & Legends” with Outlaw Dave
Mamma Chandler’s Blacklight Blues Show WQUD 107.7
Uncle Tim Show – WQUD 107.7 Vintage Radio
WQUD 107.7 Vintage Radio Big Band Era
Old Hippie Show – WQUD 107.7 Vintage Radio
Live Dead Show – WQUD 107.7 Vintage Radio
Jonesy’s Rockabilly Rebel Show
Freewheelin’ – WQUD 107.7 Vintage Radio

River Music Experience
The River Music Experience transforms lives in the Quad Cities by providing opportunities to listen, learn, and play music. With the belief that everyone deserves access to music, RME actively creates equitable programs and procedures, eliminating physical, financial, and social barriers to participation. RME seeks out partnerships to ensure audience diversity because, community is stronger together. RME serves and supports the entire Quad Cities and surrounding area music scene, partnering with schools, nonprofits, businesses, and government agencies to better serve our communities.
River Music Experience-Youtube

Done Right TV & Security Solutions
When you want the latest and most reliable technology for your home or business, reach out to us. We sell and install top-of-the-line products for our clients. You need a fast internet connection that allows you to work from home. You want to upgrade your home theater with the best audio equipment. You want to protect your property with security cameras. Who can you turn to for help? Done Right TV & Security Solutions offers television, internet and security system installation services for clients in Davenport, IA and the Quad cities. From network cabling to Nest thermostat installation services, we can do it all. We also sell and install solar panels. Call 563-355-7490 now to get more information about our company.
Done Right TV-Youtube

Peoria Music Live
COME OUT AND PLAY WHERE LIVE MUSIC LIVES IN CENTRAL ILLINOIS. Peoria Music Live is a centralized resource for live music in Central Illinois. With the power of social media, we find all the live music happening in our area and share it with you in real time. With our website, we go deeper into the artists, venues, scene and stories behind the shows.  YOU CAN DOWNLOAD SONGS BUT YOU CAN’T DOWNLOAD A LIVE MUSIC EXPERIENCE.

Big Picture Peoria
Imagine a city beaming with pride and displaying that pride with an abundance of public art. Imagine walls that were once barren brick concrete now alive with murals. Imagine public parks filled with sculpture and painting walls for kids to decorate. Imagine walking through the streets and stopping in at the local shops and restaurants that sprung up because art brought people to the area. Big Picture is a dedicated team of artists, arts advocates, and visionaries who have committed their efforts to shed light on our city’s potential. Big Picture has three main areas of focus:
1. Arts education opportunities for all; 2. Public murals and art to enliven buildings throughout the city. 3. A public arts festival—both a street festival and a film festival—to celebrate all that Peoria has to offer and project where Peoria is going.

Galesburg Community Foundation
Galesburg Community Foundation works to improve the quality and health of our communities, believing that connecting people to the causes they care about is a key ingredient to effective philanthropy. GCF prefers permanent change to temporary charity. While charity is good, it is usually intended to help an immediate situation; GCF is focused on solving problems with long term, sustainable help that lasts. To accomplish this, GCF creates endowment funds that permanently benefit communities year after year.