We are slowly adding our over 200 alumni to this page. Below are several of the artists that have performed at one of our venues and come back from time to time.

Acoustic Eidolon
Acoustic Eidolon is what happens when you cross a guitar with 2 necks and a cello with attitude!! Acoustic Eidolon, featuring Joe Scott on double neck guitjo and Hannah Alkire on cello have graced stages throughout the US, Europe, Australia and Canada. With eleven CDs and a DVD to their credit, these masterful artists continue to captivate audiences throughout the world with their signature “new acoustic” sound and boundless possibilities in blending Celtic, Folk, World & Latin music influences, something that Dirty Linen Magazine praises as “a sumptuous musical feast.” They are described by the Swallow Hill Music Association as “an evening of brilliant instrumentality,” and Georgia’s Good Life Magazine enthuses, “Acoustic Eidolon offers concert-goers a chance to absorb some of the most powerful and intriguing music on the scene today.”
Acoustic Eidolon-Youtube

Adam & I
Adam & I are Adam and Andrea Melia, a Nashville-made indie folk duo that captures the energy of current Americana styles while exploring the roots of American musical forms. The husband/wife team began performing together in 2012, and between 2014 and 2016 they released a full length album, two EPs, and played over 140 shows across 39 states.
a “simple, stripped down, old-fashioned, inspired folk journey brought up to date — superbly and with discreet panache.”  – John Apice NO DEPRESSION
Adam & I-Youtube

Amy Andrews
Born in Baltimore and raised on the Chesapeake Bay, Amy was brought up on the sounds of Sinatra, Ella, The American Songbook, and Motown, but spent years training for a career in musical theatre before writing her own music and taking to the road. After an auspicious move to Atlanta, GA, which served as her home base for the better part of a decade, Amy is now based back home in the mid-Atlantic – a welcome respite for this troubadour, who is on the road for 150+ shows and 52 weeks out of the year. A wildly talented artist known for brilliant performances, stunning vocals, and unassuming wit and candor on stage, Amy has received national (US) press, chatted with radio and tv hosts across the country (US), and toured extensively across the States, Canada, and the UK – with festivals and shows in big cities and long-forgotten gold rush towns from Florida’s 30A Songwriter Festival to Alaska’s Folk Festival, and shared stages and support for artists from Gregory Alan Isakov, Rose Cousins, Stu Larsen, Joseph Arthur, Glen Phillips and Toad the Wet Sprocket, Levi Lowrey and Clay Cook (of Zac Brown Band and John Mayer), and more.

Ariel & Jacob
A great example of our wonderful local musicians. Fresh out of the Quad Cities, Ariel McReynolds and Jacob Hemenway combine their experience to offer a fresh take on classic and contemporary pop, country, and rock. The blending of their voices makes for a unique experience being enjoyed by all ages. Their debut with Heartland Connections was opening for 2015 American Idol Runner-Up, Clark Beckham. You can see both performances in the link below.
Ariel & Jacob On Heartland Connections

Avey Grouws Band
“The influence of the Mississippi River on American jazz, blues and roots music is indisputable. Communities that have grown up along “Old Man River” gave birth to a unique sound. – Rick J Bowen
“Semi Finalists at the 2020 International Blues Competition, Avey Grouws Band channels its pent-up enthusiasm and not slight musical ability toward an individuated brand of blues-rock that recommends its first album. Jeni Grouws’ limber voice rings with conviction, ratcheting up intensity on original tunes sans artifice. She shares the dominant aural presence with far-above-average guitarist, Chris Avey, who ranges from Robert Crayish spikiness to jazzy lyricism. – Frank-John Hadley

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Evan Bartels
Evan Bartels has continued to learn and collect stories following the release of his 2017 debut album,
The Devil, God, & Me. His experiences of touring throughout the United States and becoming a father have enhanced his perspective and widened his lens of the world. The past two years of his life have offered deeper insight and empathy toward the struggles of the human experience, and he clearly expresses this in his poignant and personal songwriting. Storytelling has always been a fixture in his writing, and Bartels continues to evolve his narratives by digging deeper beneath the surface and clinging to an authentic message. He captures a moment and fleshes it out to its barest, rawest form, thereby creating a piece of art that—regardless of genre or setting—moves the listener. Bartels’s most current work embodies this action and directly reflects his mission to convey truthful narratives.
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Clark Beckham
Clark Beckham’s killer vocals and profound music abilities as a multi-instrumentalist has led him on a journey from busking on the streets to performing on national television in front of millions of viewers. Clark gained national recognition in 2015 when he became runner-up on season 14 of American Idol. Since Idol, Clark has been nominated for the Teen Choice award for Music’s Next Big Thing, signed with Quincy Jones, and released his first single “I Need”, produced by Steve Jordan.
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Adam Burrows
Adam Burrows creates unpretentious music that invites the listener to pay attention to the beauty found in every day life. He draws both from his own life and the lives of those around him to tell deceptively simple tales that resonate with the universal. Over a decade ago, Burrows left his native Ohio for Nashville in search of a music community that would help him grow as a songwriter and find a place of belonging. His time in Nashville has proven fruitful, allowing him to develop his craft, form lasting relationships, and to release several acclaimed records. He has toured the United States, Canada, and Europe at the invitation of grateful audiences and other artists who admire his work.

Aaron English
Nashville-based singer-songwriter/pianist Aaron English’s soul-searching songs are sophisticated, cinematic…and filled with echoes of his travels through Africa and the Middle East. His four self-released albums have drawn comparisons to Peter Gabriel, James Blunt, David Gray, Sting, Robert Plant and Paul Simon. In 2015, Aaron spent two months in East Africa, where he founded the International Youth Music Project, a charity that supports youth music programs at orphanages, refugee camps and HIV/AIDS+ community centers.
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Chicago Farmer
You can smell the dirt in the fields, hear the wind as it blows across the plains, and see the people that Chicago Farmer sings about. Each track captures a moment in time, whether for a person or a particular place. Imagine if a John Steinbeck short story had been written as a song, and this will give you a fairly good idea as to what Chicago Farmer accomplishes on his albums.

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Adam Faucett
Hailing from Little Rock, Arkansas, and possessing a voice the
Onion A.V. Club warns “knocks your brain into the back of your skull,” Adam Faucett has drawn comparisons from Tim Buckley to Cat Power to Otis Redding. “Somewhere between Otis Redding’s soul shout and Cat Power’s swampy poeticism… one of the greatest, most thoughtful lyricists the state has to offer. Certainly one of the most respected songsmiths around. Adam Faucett manages to get under your ribs effortlessly.” – Arkansas Times
https://www.adamfaucett.com/ https://www.facebook.com/AdamFaucettMusic/ https://twitter.com/adamfaucettsong

Barry Cloyd
Barry Cloyd is a Midwestern based, full-time touring singer/songwriter/multi-instrumentalist and educator who has spent a lifetime creating a performance style that weaves the genres of Celtic, Blues, Folk and Roots music into a unique blend all his own. Performing over 200 shows per year, Barry, a strong vocalist as well as a storyteller, theatrical performer and historian, delivers his music on a multitude of guitars (6 & 12 string, Dobro, high-strung, archtop jazz, electric, etc.) and other stringed instruments, such as 5-string banjo, mandolin, requinto and bouzouki. Barry is also the founder of the band “Celtricity”, a fusion group that weaves together the genres of Celtic, Blues, World and Original music.
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Hailing from the Ireland cities of Armagh and Derry, Ciara McCafferty (vocals), Ciaran Carlin (Flute/Whistles) and Paul Starrett (Guitar) Emer Mallon (Harp) and Conor Mallon (Uilleann Pipes/Whistles). Labelled as the Hottest New Group out of Northern Ireland, (Chicago Irish American News) Connla have been quickly making an impact on the folk/traditional scene. Since the release of their EP in April 2015, and album “River Waiting” in July 2016 they have received fantastic reviews at home and internationally. They have already gathered a big following in the UK, Ireland, Europe and the USA. Songlines magazine made Connla their “must see act” for the tour of the UK and stated “A band this young shouldn’t be this good”. Their sensitive and innovative arrangements of traditional and modern folk songs and tunes, have helped them create a sound which is very identifiable as Connla.
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Craig Gerdes
Sit with him for five minutes and you’ll know that Gerdes is a natural-born storyteller. Part of the burgeoning, modern, underground, outlaw, country music field, Craig Gerdes is makin’ tracks and on the move. Steeped in the white lines, black tar and diesel smoke of the American highway, Craig Gerdes—is raw and real, a document of a road-tested band fast on the rise. Ever since the central-Illinois songwriter released his lauded 2018 debut LP, Smokin’ Drinkin’ & Gamblin’, he’s been on tour almost constantly, playing upwards of 150 shows per year, including opening slots and festival support for top country and Americana artists from Tyler Childers and Paul Cauthen to Jamey Johnson and Cody Jinks, as well as a lengthy run with hard-rocker-turned-country-star Aaron Lewis.
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Alvin Youngblood Hart
The cosmic American love child of Howlin Wolf and Link Wray… Known as a “musician’s musician,” Alvin Youngblood Hart’s praises have been sung by everyone from Bob Dylan to guitar gods Eric Clapton & Mick Taylor. After a couple false starts, he began to play the guitar, in earnest, in 1977. Spending his formative years on the West Coast, in the Midwest and the Mid-South surely influenced Alvin’s wide ranging musical perspective. “It really taught me to appreciate MUSIC for what it was ….not because it was this or that genre. I have a great disdain for genre segregation. I try to avoid that practice.” Along with his 40 years of playing comes a nuts and bolts passion for the hardware of the trade. “I’ve been a guitar tinker since day one.” Hart is also an electronics technician, a talent he picked up after 7 years active duty in the U.S. Coast Guard. His knack for quick thinking repairs on the road has earned him nicknames such as, The Garage Guerrilla or The Rock N Roll MacGyver from fellow musicians. After two decades on the road ,Alvin continues to delight audiences worldwide, whether as a solo performer or with the eternally rockin’ Alvin Youngblood Hart’s Muscle Theory…The multi award winner always delivers.


Harvest Sons
You know that pair of washed out old jeans you put on that are a bit faded from use, but still look great and make you feel like “you’re back” when you wear them? Those jeans that are perfect for a night out on the town, but still hold up at a nice family dinner? Harvest Sons recreate this feeling through their nostalgic blend of folk, rock and Americana, and transport you into their rust belt state of mind. Harvest Sons is based out of Peoria, Illinois, and sound like Counting Crows, Tom Petty and The Wallflowers getting together for a Thanksgiving dinner.
“Call it what you want… Rust Belt Americana, Black Dirt Country, call it authentic. The musical equivalent of driving home from work on a gravel road in your pickup truck, this is real music. Harvest Sons is one of those bands whose music sounds familiar the first time you hear it and gets better with each listening.” – Jerry Kolb, Producer and Founder of WTVP’s State & Water (PBS Peoria)
https://www.harvestsons.com/ https://www.facebook.com/theharvestsons
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Hermitage Green
Hermitage Green are a five piece band from Limerick, Ireland. They came together in 2010 as a result of a spontaneous jam session between friends. Their unusual lineup of instruments includes two percussionists playing djembe and bodhran, along with guitars, keys, dobro, banjo, harmonica and four part vocal harmonies. After touring extensively across the globe they finally settled down in 2015 to record their debut album. ‘Save Your Soul’ was released in Ireland in March 2016 through Sony Music and went to number three in the Irish Music Charts. The successful release was followed by more touring in Europe, The Middle East, Canada and the U.S. and a highlight performance on the mainstage of the Electric Picnic festival. Late 2016 saw them play a sold out Irish tour where they filled Dublin’s iconic Olympia Theatre and the Cork Opera House. 2017 saw them kick off the year with a visit to Kansas Folk Alliance and another UK Tour. This was followed by a sell out performance in their biggest headline show to date at King Johns Castle in Limerick. Hermitage Green have spent the last couple of years touring and selling out shows in Ireland, the UK & Australia.
Hermitage Green-Youtube
https://twitter.com/hermitagegreen https://www.instagram.com/hermitagegreen/
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Brook Hoover
To say Brook Hoover is an amazing guitarist, would force his many guitars to stand up and fight whoever made such a statement in defense, that he deserved even higher accolades! The Iowa Rock and Roll Hall of Fame 2017 Spirit Award winner plays a sound steeped in the rock traditions of Chuck Berry, Buddy Guy, B.B. King, Buddy Holly, John Lee Hooker… or just name your favorite! Brook also plays with the rock’n
“Surf Zombies” while giving back to the youth teaching guitar lessons and reveling in their success!
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Bryce Janey
Bryce Janey began his career at the age of 13 in his hometown of Marion, IA in a family blues-rock trio called The Janeys and played regionally and nationally from Chicago to Los Angeles. They shared the stage with many Chicago artist and national acts, including Buddy Guy, Delbert McClinton, Blues Traveler, Johnny Winter, and Elvin Bishop. Bryce has even performed onstage with Kenny Neal, Buddy Guy, Tab Benoit, and including the  late great “Queen of the Blues” Koko Taylor. While still in The Janeys, Bryce began a solo career and released his first CD, Practice What You Preach in 1995. Since then, he has released many more CDs, most of which have gained national attention including a five star rating from Blues Access magazine, as well as stellar reviews from Blues Revue and Living Blues. Bryce Was Inducted into the Iow Rock-n-Roll Hall Of Fame in 2007. Bryces albums have been described ed as ”Phenomenal, top-shelf, world-class, soul-powered, retro-70s bluesy heavy guitar with ‘six string mojo’ that truly delivers on all levels of greatness,” and that “this is Bryce Janey’s finest hour and he stands tall in the supreme blues/rock guitar world.” Bryce won the Iowa Blues Challenge in 2011, and in 2012 was an IBC Semi-Finalist in Memphis,TN.
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Andreas Kapsalis
Andreas Kapsalis is a Greek-American guitarist and composer born in the suburbs of Chicago. His first exposure to music was through his mother, Frances Kapsalis, a student of opera, and his father, Peter Kapsalis, a violinist. Andreas began teaching himself guitar at the age of 11, reading and writing music as well as music theory. At the age of 18 he suffered a hand injury; during his recovery period, he began developing his 10-finger tapping techniques. Under the tutelage of composer and producer Jim Tullio, a student of Aaron Copland, he refined his compositional approach on the guitar using these techniques.  Since then, Andreas has composed many scores for documentary and feature films and has toured all over the world! Along with his years of experience as a touring musician he has also enjoyed teaching guitar, conducting masterclasses as well as private instruction in Europe, Asia, and the United States.

Adrian Legg
Globally acclaimed by critics and fans alike for his unique acoustic and electric fingerstyle guitar playing,Adrian Legg masterfully blends diverse musical styles, influences and inspirations to create a distinctive sound all his own.With multiple awards and accolades spanning four decades, Legg has been heralded as a “guitarist of astonishing virtuosity, (whose) imagination and melodic invention seem unbounded,” (Q magazine); “ridiculously talented,” (Music Week) and “simply the best acoustic guitar player I’ve ever heard.”(guitar icon Joe Satriani).  Setting the stage for his international success in the decades to follow, Legg was named as Acoustic Guitarist of the Decade by the UK’s Guitarist Magazine(1984-94), and Best Acoustic Fingerstylist in Guitar Player Magazine’s Readers’ Poll for four years in a row. (1993-96).

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Adam Levy
Adam Levy is the legendary frontman of the
Honeydogs, a beloved Minneapolis band rock band of more than 25 years. He also fronts the Bunny Clogs, his family-oriented group, and many other projects. He has won multiple awards for his music. Levy explores different musical styles and identities: rock, psychedelia, folk, soul, the avant-garde, jazz, children’s music, and orchestral pop.  He considers himself a “musical archeologist” and as spent his life studying the history of music, the art of songwriting and finding ways to create unique music. 

Angela Meyer
Angela Meyer has been performing professionally since she was just 16 years old, staying true to “writing songs for empty rooms & broken hearts in hopes to fill them up”.  A storyteller with a passion for her listeners, Angela pulls in the crowd with a sweet voice and brutal honesty. She isn’t afraid to tackle heavy topics within her songwriting, but also pokes at the humor in everyday life.  Her first love was the horse, and she knew nothing about this “western music” until committing a crime she swore to never do- falling in love with a cowboy. Now she has fallen in love again, this time with the tradition & respect within a community of folks passionate for preserving this beautiful way of life.
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Alan Reid & Rob van Sante
Members of “Battlefield Band” Scots Trad Award Nominee, Scotsman, Alan Reid & Dutch born, Rob van Sante form this powerful duo! Along with his use of keyboards, bagpipes and fiddles, Alan’s singing has long been respected by his peers. Moreover his song writing has grown in stature ever since the 1980s when his songs first appeared in the band repertoire, lyrical songs steeped in history, strong in storytelling and rich in melody. Rob is a guitarist of skill and subtlety. His mother was a child prodigy on piano so it is no surprise that music has played an important part in his life. During the 1970’s, 80’s and 90’s he toured extensively throughout Europe, North Africa and the Middle East. He has worked with such stalwarts of the British Folk and Jazz scene as Danny Thompson, Jon Strong, Tom Napper, Tom McConville, Kate Rusby, John McCusker, Gordon Tyrrall, Tim Wood, Patsy Matheson and many more.

Ailie Robertson
Composer & harpist, Ailie Robertson from Edinburgh is widely regarded as one of Scotland’s leading young traditional musicians. A five-time National Mod Gold Medalist and a BBC Radio Scotland Young Traditional Musician of the Year finalist, Ailie also won first prize at the inaugural London Harp Competition, was judged best overall musician at the Edinburgh Competition Festival and won the St Albans New Roots award. Her debut solo album ‘First things first’ won the ‘Live Ireland’ award for ‘Best Instrumental Cut of the Year’. She has performed and taught all over the world, released 3 solo CDs and published 7 volumes of harp sheet music. 

Ailie Robertson-Bandsintown

Alec Ryan
Alec Ryan writes songs of love and lack thereof. As a pop singer-songwriter based in Nashville, Tennessee, Ryan’s music reflects on life’s struggles, ranging from love to the unending pursuit of a meaningful existence. His stories, handwritten in half-size notebooks and brought to life by his piano, create a hopeful, honest brand of piano-pop. His latest album has been called, “A breath of fresh air to listeners who may seek an alternative to the over-produced sound of current pop music, giving them an intimate journey through both life’s danceable moments and introspective soul-seeking.

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Tom Sharpe
TOM SHARPE is an internationally recognized, award-winning composer, performer, and recording artist. He is a sought out clinician and performer of his own works, and the artistic director and principal performer of the SHARPE WORLD MUSIC ENSEMBLE. Along with his own music, Tom is the drummer for the widely popular, Grammy award winning group, MANNHEIM STEAMROLLER. A classically trained musician, Tom has blended his orchestral background with world music instrumentation and cinematic imagery to create an experience that invites the listener into the heart of the musical moment – wildly emotional and technically precise, with a gutsy edge of percussive frenzy and tribal ritual.
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http://www.shoptomsharpe.com/ https://www.facebook.com/tomsharpe1

Tyler Sjöström
His gritty vocals and vintage arrangements have reverberated from the Chicago music scene since the release of his freshman EP,
What We Say We Are, at the end of 2014. Following his debut, rooted in Americana and Folk, Tyler’s track “Red River” was given EDM treatment with collaborator, Chris Meid, and signed as a single with Warner Music. Following was a slew of collaborations  from across the globe resulting in tens of millions of streams on Spotify alone. Since, Sjöström has taken his new role as Singer-Songwriter to heart, working with DJs and producers around the world developing a taste and adeptness for topline writing, studio work, and live performance.  As a multi-instrumentalist and avid songwriter, Tyler finds his niche in spanning the genres, and in terms of music he is keen on distinguishing himself as a “jack of all trades”. Equipped with an honest and thunderous voice his live performance has been described as “bone rattling”.
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http://www.tylersjostrom.com/ https://www.facebook.com/tylersjostrommusic
https://twitter.com/TySjoMusic https://www.instagram.com/tylersjostrom/
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Twice winners of Scotland’s Traditional Music ‘Live Act of the Year’ Award (2016 & 2011), SKERRYVORE have been on a meteoric journey that has taken them from the remote Isle of Tiree on to International tours that have included performances in Central Park NYC, The Ryder Cup Louisville and the Shanghai Expo, China. SKERRYVORE create a unique fusion of folk, trad, rock and Americana that represents all the different personalities and upbringing of the 8 band members who hail from different regions of Scotland. Formed in 2005, the band marked their 10th anniversary in 2015 with a ‘Decade’ concert at Mossfield Stadium, Oban. After selling 3,000 tickets in ninety minutes, the capacity was increased and 6,000 visitors from all over the world enjoyed SKERRYVORE, joined by a host of guests including Dougie MacLean and legendary Irish musician Sharon Shannon.
The success of the Decade concert led to the creation of the band’s own annual festival, Oban Live that has now attracted over 10,000 attendees to enjoy international acts including KT Tunstall, We Banjo 3, Julie Fowlis and Capercaillie alongside SKERRYVORE.
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https://skerryvore.com/ https://www.facebook.com/skerryvore https://twitter.com/skerryvore

Joe Stamm Band
The Joe Stamm Band (JSB) is a Black Dirt Country Rock group rooted in the American Midwest. Born and raised in the fields and fence rows of central Illinois, Joe and the band play a soul pumping brand of music that is uniquely their own.
DirtRoadAnthems.com told their readers, “If you are looking for a great new country/rock/Americana band to listen to, [Joe Stamm Band] is the perfect one.” JSB songs are laced with rural American imagery, hard-driving guitar, and songwriting that invites listeners into a deeply personal, authentic life experience.
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https://www.joestammband.com/ https://www.facebook.com/joestammband/ https://www.instagram.com/joestammband/ https://www.youtube.com/joestammband
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The Deep Hollow
Also members of other local groups, these three created a world together that brought success not found in other combinations. Beginning with a win in the American Songwriter magazine songwriting contest in 2014, The Deep Hollow then set off on a well-produced, Kickstarter-launched album in 2015 that reached number three on the Folk DJ charts. This harmony-driven, original music acoustic trio of Micah Walk, Elizabeth Eckert and Dave Littrell, has created an attraction between audience and act that is obvious and powerful.
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https://twitter.com/thedeephollow https://www.instagram.com/thedeephollow/
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The Empty Pockets
“Polished yet rootsy Chicago outfit Empty Pockets” (Rolling Stone) celebrates old-school classic rock, folk, and the blues, skillfully blending singer/songwriter catharsis with rich harmonies and real players. Bold Americana flavors straight from the soul. When not busy recording in their personal studio, The Empty Pockets are out on the road headlining or opening for acts like Bob Schneider, Rev. Peyton’s Big Damn Band, Dickey Betts (Allman Brothers) and Dave Mason (Traffic), among many others. They also have passionately served as backing band for a number of artists of note, including Kenny Loggins, Al Stewart, Gary Wright, Richie Furay (of Buffalo Springfield), and Simon Kirke (of Bad Company).

The Wildwoods
Nebraska natives, The Wildwoods, bring a pioneering sound to Americana Roots Music. “The Wildwoods know exactly what kind of music they want to make. It’s not often we hear a sound this focused…The voices are very different in timbre and delivery, yet mix perfectly…Bring a friend or go alone; either way, you’ll find yourself reminiscing on the good times and finding peace with the bad ones.” Landon Kuhlmann, Paste Magazine & Daytrotter. “The young songwriting tandem of Chloe and Noah Gose harmonize like something out of the Depression Era, fitted with a certain weight yet warmly and triumphantly capable of lifting hearts regardless.” Andrew Stellman, Editor Hear Nebraska Magazine. The Wildwoods’ Noah Gose (vocals, guitar, harmonica, piano) and Chloe Pinkman (vocals, violin, mandolin, guitar) discovered their shared love of music shortly after they fell in love back in 2012. They are occasionally joined in their forces alongside some very talented and loving bandmates: Andrew Vaggalis (Bass), Noah Pinkman (Guitar), Nate Morris (Drums), Michele Bartos (Cello), and Jack Rodenburg (Piano).
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https://www.thewildwoodsband.com/ https://www.facebook.com/TheWildwoodsband/ https://www.instagram.com/thewildwoods/
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John Till
A multiple string instrument performer using both feet for a rhythm section, John is a veritable one man band. John Till cultivates folk, blues & country from the farthest reaches of the Great Plains to the Appalachian foothills, down to the delta & back up to Chicago for a sound that’s equal parts pastoral & main street charm.
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https://johntillmusic.com/home https://www.facebook.com/johntillmusicpage/ https://johntill.bandcamp.com/music

Daniel Watkins
Growing up with the Illinois River in his back yard, Daniel Watkins’s roots run deep in the valley. He picked up his first job as a gas attendant at the old lock and dam in Henry. There he would practice guitar while waiting on boaters and playing for tips. Several years later, he began studying guitar with Walnut Valley Festival National Guitar & Mandolin champion, Andy Hatfield. Through a new found love of Folk and Bluegrass music, he discovered many artists including John Hartford, Norman Blake, and Steve Goodman who inspired him to begin writing songs of his own. Daniel incorporates musical and topical elements of the current era across the backdrop of traditional folk and bluegrass music. Daniel is most celebrated for his relatable stories, swift flat-picking, and memorable melodies. In addition to his solo work, Watkins performs as a member of
Harvest Sons.
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https://www.danielwatkinsmusic.com/ https://soundcloud.com/daniel-watkins-music
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