The following are artists alphabetically by “B.” We are slowly adding our over 200 alumni to this page. Below are several of the artists that have performed at one of our venues and come back from time to time.

Evan Bartels
Evan Bartels has continued to learn and collect stories following the release of his 2017 debut album, 
The Devil, God, & Me. His experiences of touring throughout the United States and becoming a father have enhanced his perspective and widened his lens of the world. The past two years of his life have offered deeper insight and empathy toward the struggles of the human experience, and he clearly expresses this in his poignant and personal songwriting. Storytelling has always been a fixture in his writing, and Bartels continues to evolve his narratives by digging deeper beneath the surface and clinging to an authentic message. He captures a moment and fleshes it out to its barest, rawest form, thereby creating a piece of art that—regardless of genre or setting—moves the listener. Bartels’s most current work embodies this action and directly reflects his mission to convey truthful narratives.
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Clark Beckham
Clark Beckham’s killer vocals and profound music abilities as a multi-instrumentalist has led him on a journey from busking on the streets to performing on national television in front of millions of viewers. Clark gained national recognition in 2015 when he became runner-up on season 14 of American Idol. Since Idol, Clark has been nominated for the Teen Choice award for Music’s Next Big Thing, signed with Quincy Jones, and released his first single “I Need”, produced by Steve Jordan.
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Adam Burrows
Adam Burrows creates unpretentious music that invites the listener to pay attention to the beauty found in every day life. He draws both from his own life and the lives of those around him to tell deceptively simple tales that resonate with the universal. Over a decade ago, Burrows left his native Ohio for Nashville in search of a music community that would help him grow as a songwriter and find a place of belonging. His time in Nashville has proven fruitful, allowing him to develop his craft, form lasting relationships, and to release several acclaimed records. He has toured the United States, Canada, and Europe at the invitation of grateful audiences and other artists who admire his work.