Heartland Connections, strives to help elevate the social, cultural and economic status of our area. Besides hosting our own events, we want to be an easy source for information on entertainment events and a connection making vehicle to improve our home area. Prices at events vary from free to very economical. Live music events are hosted all over the West Central Illinois area between the Quad Cities and Peoria, with special emphasis in Henry County, Illinois. HC looks to make connections with other groups to foster greater growth for all in the area. HC-Family Members are partnerships with other businesses, venues, non-profits, media, arts groups and more. They are able to use HC resources to publicize their events and share resources with other HC members for mutual benefit.

If you are interested in becoming a “Heartland Connections-Family Member” or need help with an event or promoting an event, please visit our
“Contact” page. Thank you!