Music was always a major part of John Taylor’s life whether it be playing in bands, discovering new artists, or having experiences with new friends. After coming home to Cambridge, IL from his deployment in Iraq, he found it difficult to adjust back to civilian life. Starting a family also made it difficult to venture out to concerts, so what did he do? …. He brought the concerts to his house! Soon neighbors and people from surrounding towns were camped out on his lawn for a porch concert or filling up chairs in his house when the weather did not allow for the outdoor experience. The relationships he made with artists across the country and beyond, led to more connections and more artists through word of mouth in the music community. John found that through music, positive experiences would happen, new connections could be made and the overall health and well being of individuals and his community improved. With unwavering support from his wife Stephanie, John grew his endeavor to expand to a second indoor venue in neighboring Bishop Hill as part owner of an arts cooperative at the “Bishop Hill Creative Commons.” Further ventures with friends and many other supporters, spawned the “Levitt AMP Galva Music Series” in neighboring Galva, IL with support of the Galva Arts Council. Soon after, friends Jason Bates and Tom Campbell convinced John that a parent organization would be more effective at promoting all of the great music in the area and fostering more connections between people, non-profits and local businesses. In October 2019, John, Jason and Tom launched “Heartland Connections!” Traveling artists now recognize the area as a hotbed to play music in intimate settings with attentive audiences, and the growth continues! We hope you will come visit and stay with us for a one of a kind musical experience!